Alternatives To Aluminum Deodorants Are Safer And Healthier
Deodorant is one of the things in society that everyone uses. Many jobs and activities are in close proximity to others, and an offensive smell can put a damper on even the best situation. From close cubicles to fast paced sports, sweat happens every day, and with it, body odor.

But before you just pick and choose any deodorant, take into consideration that many of these so called ‘natural’ odor controlling sticks and roll ons contain harmful chemicals that can be absorbed into the body for dangerous side effects. There are dozens of bad chemicals used in these deodorants, and unfortunately there are no third party regulations to limit which ones can be used.

Natural Deodorants

Harmful Metals

One of the most common ingredients used is Aluminum. Found in antiperspirants, aluminum zirconium and aluminum chlorohydrate effectively block the pores that create sweat. This metal may also block estrogen receptors, interfering with they way the body processes this hormone.

Nature’s Answer

Deodorant alternatives are out there, and they provide the same fresh fragrances and sweat blocking properties as their toxic brethren, without allowing bacteria to grow or causing any adverse effects. Here are some great examples.

Body Mint – The deodorant in a pill that is made with natural ingredients. This product is widely popular and is known for reducing body odors and bad breath. You can visit their website at http://bodymint.com/

Dr. Hauschka- Considered to be one of the best deodorant alternatives on the market, the 2 different scents are clean and fresh, and both men and women can use them. Zinc, the main ingredient, combats odor naturally. The packaging is even environmentally friendly, not made of plastic but glass that can be recycled.

Erbaviva- The USDA certified this organic compound, which guarantees it is natural and safe. The Lemon Sage scent is great for both men and women, and it uses such natural ingredients as sandalwood, tree oil and patchouli. The Jasmine Grapefruit is an amazing scent for ladies, having a compelling scent while naturally fighting odor..

Bubble And Bee- This simple yet effective deodorant alternative contains nothing but easy to read and understand components like grain spirits, rosemary oil and lemongrass. It comes in a spray or stick and has a multitude of fragrances.

Miessence-With Ancient Spice for men, and Tahitian Breeze for women, this all natural aluminum free deodorant is backed by PETA for not testing any of its products on animals. The company that produces Miessence is well renowned for being green and safe, and has a reputation for quality.

Terresentials- This 100% natural deodorant is also USDA approved, meaning it passes their stringent qualifications. Not only does it safely prevent body odor, but it also blocks the natural scent released by the body when it consumes garlic. The baking soda is a great alternative to regular deodorants, providing a safe way to keep foul smells at bay.

Before purchasing any deodorant, be sure to check the ingredients for any harmful chemicals, like aluminum. Also, when showering, be sure to wash off any deodorant from earlier in the day, to avoid layering the chemicals on top of one another. Finding one of these natural deodorant alternative will not only keep you smelling clean and fresh, but keep you healthy and protect the environment.

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